An Overly Emotional Woman Leaving Greece

The dangers of being a woman. I for one, am controlled by my hormones every month – I’m not currently on birth control, meaning nothing is really regulated, and my PMS and emotions are in full force sometimes. It’s a powerful thing, to be controlled by a cycle… the things that wouldn’t typically bother me push me to limits I’m not comfortable with. The things that I can easily brush off and remind myself not to worry about are things that I start to worry about. But only for a few days until the storm passes. I have to remind myself it’s just that time. But it isn’t easy. Feeling the need to cry all the time. I know I’m stronger than that. I know I’m stronger than how my mind makes me believe. Especially when you’re crying for no reason at all, it’s hard to make it stop when you don’t even know how to comfort yourself. 
Anyway. Now that that’s off my mind…. 
Greece was heaven. The sunsets were the most astounding, stunning sunsets I’ve come to witness. So clear. Not blinding. The full sun in all of its glory melting into the mountains. Blink and you might miss it. She disappears before you can catch her. We are the same in that sense. 
Taking the time out of the day to watch the sunset is the most romantic way to interact with the Earth. It is so stunning it hurts and it’s the one thing I miss most about being back home besides the beach. If I’m being honest, no where I have been has beaches even remotely comparable to back home. Between the sea, the sand, and the sun at home… I am spoiled by nature and I am even more in love with back home than I was before I left. And seriously, I spent almost every free evening at the beach watching the sunset. But Greece won in that sense. The beach was a little too rocky for my liking, but that’s just because I’m accustomed to soft white powder from home. 
I stayed at two resorts for two nights each. The first was of lesser “quality” says online and now says me. I’m not picky, but the AC in my room did not work, making it difficult to sleep because opening the doors resulted in being eaten alive by mosquitos. The staff at Aeolos, my first resort, was spectacular. They were all so kind and helpful to me with my little blue all-inclusive bracelet. I was taken to my bungalow by a woman who barely spoke English and waiting for me was a bottle of wine and fruit in a gift basket, along with a beautiful view of the sea from my door. Many of the employees were surprised at the fact that I was completely alone. The first night at dinner, no one said anything, because it was their first sight of me being alone. The next day, a man at lunch asked if I were alone. I said I was, and he asked where I came from. “Ah, the US! So far from home. Why are you here?” I explained I have been traveling and that this was a short, cheap flight from Bologna. 
There was always a good amount of food and a good amount of beach chairs, even though it was too windy to really sit outside and enjoy the beach my full day there. You could see another Greek island and Turkey right from where I was. I’m upset that I didn’t make it out to Turkey, but I spent a long afternoon in Kos Town instead. I walked around, I bought a dress, and I took my time seeing all that I could see. I have a problem with my impatience and rushing so I’m really trying to learn how to take things slowly. 
They had little events going on for kids and water aerobics, tennis, and ping pong for adults. At night, they had other small events happenings that I didn’t really participate in, but I definitely took advantage of the endless supply of wine, beer, and local spirits. By the time the night was over, I was sufficiently drunk and went straight to bed.
 I unfortunately barely slept because of the lack of air conditioning. It was too hot, so I woke up before the sun and relaxed in the main part of the hotel while I waited for breakfast. I was checked out and ready to go before 11am and took a bus into town, and then caught a taxi from there and to my next resort. Suddenly, a hangover hit – and I honestly thought I was going to throw up in the cab. It was bad. I got to my hotel, checked in, and I was two hours early technically so my room was not ready but I was given my bracelet, and was told that I could relax by the pool, get drinks, or go to lunch. So I wandered around for a bit before heading upstairs to eat. The dining room was…. insane and had an outside eating area as well. There was a wall of bread. A wall. Of. Bread. And more food than you could ever fathom. The dessert section alone was almost as big as the entire buffet of my previous resort. 
I went back for check-in and was brought to my room with a welcome drink. The man who brought me had to walk me out of the building and into a separate part of the hotel for those prime sea views. I had a double bed all to myself, rather than two twins pushed together like in the last resort. And the air conditioning worked!!!!!! So I napped, took advantage of the gym, had dinner and then went up to the roof top bar. IT wasn’t apart of the all inclusive so I just got a beer and got a prime spot for the sunset. The sun set over the mountains and I watched it melt. Like I said. The sunsets here were pretty incomparable to anywhere else I’ve ever been. After sunset, I went back to my room for a little while. When I came back to the main hotel, there were traditional Greek dancers by the bar and I took a seat to watch and drink. I asked for the all inclusive menu and it had everything you would ever want in the world – the good liquors, the fancy mixed drinks, everything – I was in heaven. I ordered a pina colada and then started chatting with the bartender. I got a mojito, and he gave me another before I was even finished with my first. Then shots for me and the other all inclusives I was sitting near. And then he made me a rainbow drink that was even too sweeet for me to totally enjoy – and I was already pretty drunk. I went upstairs for the “late night snack” option which was basically just dinner leftovers, ate to soak up the alcohol, and went to bed. 
The next day I hung out by the pool, had a few drinks, ate more than I want to admit, and then I had a massage that I never wanted to end. I don’t know if it’s just Europe, but she touched me basically everywhere. She even rubbed my belly. And she couldn’t have been much older than me! 
After that, I went to dinner, went up to the roof to bar, had a glass of wine for another spectacular sunset before going to the bar for the evening. It was more of the same… lots of drinks, just no greek dancing. 
This morning I checked out at 1140 and was basically expecting the woman at reception to cut off my bracelet and say see ya later, peasant! But instead, she asked me what time my flight was, and I told her it wasn’t until 9 pm. I asked her if I was able to have lunch still while I waited, and she said, “Well you would have to -” and then I held up my wrist with my all inclusive bracelet and she said, “Oh, you are all inclusive. Go to the pool, go to the bar, eat some lunch, have dinner too, then we will get you a cab to the airport.” It made me feel a lot better knowing that I could relax all day and not have to worry too much about getting around. It sucks having to pay for so much transportation but the next month I intend to live easily and cheaply. 
The next month I am traveling at a slower pace and I am really looking forward to it. A few nights in Rome, then I fly out to Vienna – from Vienna, I am taking a bus to Brno, then Prague. From Prague, I fly to Denmark!!! To finally see one of my best friends who has been living and studying in Denmark/Sweden for years. I haven’t seen her since the end of 2013 so I am really looking forward to spending a relaxed week with her. We will travel to Amsterdam together by plane, then I will fly to Paris for five nights before flying to London. From London, I will go home. I can’t believe my trip is already 2/3 over. It has flown by so far. But I have to say.. I am really looking forward to going home. I didn’t think I would actually miss it as much as I do. I appreciate my life so much more than I ever have. I think for that reason alone, this trip is beyond worth it. 


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This blog is a way I can talk about my upcoming travel adventures and will be the blog I use once I am finally abroad in a few months. I have a lot to get done and even more to look forward to.

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