Money On My Mind

I have always been a money conscious person. I will even admit that I am pretty cheap. When I am home, I don’t really spend on much. I first started working when I was 14 and have almost always saved everything I made and once I had a car, I didn’t really know what I was saving for until the reality of this trip came into play. But even as a kid, I was always conscious of money, or at least my parents’. 
I started out with a basic goal for 2 months in Europe. Once I actually started planning, that 2 months turned into 3 with almost the exact same budget. Since then, I’ve pumped an extra bit into my travel funds, plus a little extra because I decided to finally do something for myself. 
While I actually enjoy staying in hostels and changing location constantly, Greece was a place that I really wanted to spend time in to enjoy rather than budget. Growing up, family vacations were not filled with luxury and beach towns. Honestly, I remember them being miserably stressful and not exactly enjoyable because most of the time, it would be a family of 5 in a car for too many hours to be sane. 
So for the next four days, I don’t want my finances to matter. I want to forget my budget conscious attitude and give myself what I actually want with no regard for the cost. Obviously, I’m not going to buy a $500 meal or a Maserati while I’m enjoying myself, but realistically, I have enough money for this trip, and for once I just don’t want to worry about it. I know it’s not going to be easy. Being budget conscious is basically burned into my mind, but thankfully my stay is already paid for, so the pain of withdrawals from my bank account has already occurred. 
4 nights, 2 resorts, all inclusive, beach view accommodation with a room to myself. Hell, I might even go to the spa. This is what I’m here for. I am going to enjoy myself if it kills me. This is not a place to budget. When else am I going to get an opportunity like this? 


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This blog is a way I can talk about my upcoming travel adventures and will be the blog I use once I am finally abroad in a few months. I have a lot to get done and even more to look forward to.

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