What I miss, what’s next…

When I look back at the last month and a half of solo travel, I find myself thinking of some places more than others. It’s as though my heart and mind can’t let go of these places. My time is booked, there’s so much more to see, but I’m already longing to go back to Sevilla. I miss the beautifully narrow side streets and relaxed way of life. It was touristic, but not too touristic like Rome or Barcelona. It had the perfect hint of magic that I don’t think everyone in this world could detect. 
I didn’t just fall in love with this place, though, I fell in love with the people; I was lucky to have spent some of my best nights on my trip here. I felt at peace in this city. I felt like I didn’t have a worry in the world amid the 38-40 degree weather (Celsius). 
Even though I’m longing to go back to places I’ve already been, I am really excited for the next month and a half and what the rest of my plans hold. Today I will fly into Marseille, my first French city, and will be staying in a hostel at the top of a hill by the port. From there, I am staying at a small French B&B in Brignoles, on a vineyard, and the owner has actually offered to pick me up from the bus station rather than have me walk. I am very excited for my one night’s stay here. From there, I am moving onto Nice, where I am meeting Marissa, a girl I spent a lot of time with in Ireland, and together we are going to Genoa, which holds Europe’s largest aquarium. I have never been to an aquarium before, and I could not be more excited to witness its wonders. I will spend one night in Bologna before I travel to Kos Island! 4 nights in all inclusive resorts in paradise all on my own. I couldn’t be looking more forward to some peace and true relaxation before I head back to Rome for a few days of solo exploration. 
I will be writing a post about my Contiki experience soon. Au revoir! 


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This blog is a way I can talk about my upcoming travel adventures and will be the blog I use once I am finally abroad in a few months. I have a lot to get done and even more to look forward to.

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