A little bit of Lagos…naturale beach included.

I think if I have learned one thing so far on this trip, it is that I am basically the only person who can fall asleep after drinking an espresso. I have done it multiple times by mistake. I am not one to nap when I’m at home in the states, but traveling is pretty exhausting and I don’t get a lot of sleep most of the time. 
Lagos was perfection. A typical beach town with flea market type booths all along the walkway, little shops for beach bums with boat, kayak, and surf lesson offers. The day I arrived, I found my hostel rather quickly as Lagos is a very small town. The hostel was nice but not nearly as nice as the pictures. It was subpar compared to its reviews but the location was divine, as the rooftop had a view of the water. The woman at reception showed me my room and pointed to the top bunk, to which I asked if I could have a lower one as I was the only person checked in so far. She basically told me that I could, but that it would complicate things and be more effort than she was willing to put in… so she wouldn’t change it. Kind of a little odd. She could have just said someone had already requested it and would have avoided being an asshole.
The hostel was swarmed with 18 year old German students on holiday. They were there for a school trip before they graduated and they basically took over the kitchen and common areas. As I was sitting in the living room with my phone, another girl was looking for the light switch to turn them off. We got to talking and her name was Liya, from Russia but previously living in the states. As we got to talking, I realized we kind of had a lot in common to an extent, and we got along really well. We agreed to go on the boat tour the next day together. She seemed more adventurous than me but Lisbon really exhausted me so the kayaking trip was out of my price range and my energy level. I could also feel myself getting a bit sick, as I was losing my voice and had a little bit of a cough. 
The next morning I did not feel any better but decided to go exercise for a bit. I ‘ran’ hardly and did a good amount of squats before heading back to the hostel to shower. I found Liya and we went out to the supermarket and did some other shopping before we were off to the boat tour. The boat tour was a small boat that sat a maximum of 8 people. It cruised in the Atlantic and we were shown every beach, each with its own little story. We got up close to the rock formations and floated under natural archways. The water was clear, turquoise blue. We peaked inside of caves and saw the “chimneys” or the giant holes that led out to the top of the caves which led in sunshine. The guide referred to it as Swiss cheese. He pointed out one beach as a “naturalist” beach and we saw a naked man walking along. It didn’t seem that far from the main beaches and Liya and I agreed to go there after the tour because we were going to head to the beach anyway. 
After the tour, we looked at the little fleamarket type booths once again and made our way to find the nude beach. We were not sure how far it was but it didn’t seem like that far away from the main beaches when we were in the boat, but little did we know, it was a pretty long trek. We walked along the cliffs until we reached a private road, walked along the main road, and then made our way back to the cliff edge until we were almost ready to give up. We stood along the edge to see if we could see any nude people on any nearby beaches, but the one beach closest to us was not visible. There was a man walking up towards the cliff we were on and I knew that by asking where the nude beach was could end well or not. So I asked. And he said “Ooh yes! It’s right here! It’s beautiful! Just go around and down there.” 
We followed his directions to basically a non-existent, steep path. We literally had to climb down rocks until I questioned whether it was really worth it. Liya convinced me because we had made it this far and at the point we were, we were really only a few steps away. And then we were there. The nude beach was pretty empty, just two couples, one creepy solo guy, and a family!? 2 adults and 2 kids, all nude. The tour guide earlier had said that it was not a family beach, so it was a little surprising, but it is Europe after all so I can’t be surprised. We walked over to an empty space while the youngest couple there looked over at us while we set up. The woman watched us as if she didn’t believe we were actually going to get nude, but little did she know, we did. It was nice, it was freeing, it was sandy, and it was totally worth the trek. The little beach was beautiful and as the sun started to go down, the beach started to clear out, and the last thing we wanted was to be stuck there with the creepy guy that kept staring. He even moved closer to us when other people had left. 
We went back, showered, and went out for dinner at a restaurant that was supposed to have the best burgers around, got a drink, and I turned in for the night. 
Lagos was a beautiful, beautiful little place. A typical beach town without a board walk and I’m glad I was able to make a friend to share the experiences with. 
Off to Sevilla… more on that later.


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This blog is a way I can talk about my upcoming travel adventures and will be the blog I use once I am finally abroad in a few months. I have a lot to get done and even more to look forward to.

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