The last of Ireland… for now. 

I know I wanted to stay in Killarney, but I am really glad that I came back to Dublin. My first two nights at Abbey Hostel were good. I kind of feel a bit less like a tourist now that I have actually already been here and kind of have a gist of everything. 
My first night here two friends and I decided to go out and have some fun – we ended up at a club called Workman’s Club and it was a really funky, European type club with dancing and a smoke room. It felt like we were basically at a house party. The next night we went to a Backpackers Pub Crawl where the tour guide was more drunk than the lot of us and the bars weren’t thaaaat great, but I guess you can’t expect much more for only 12 euros. In each bar we got a free shot but with the spacing between each bar, it was hard to get drunk if you weren’t buying anything else. My favorite shot was a mix of Bailey’s and Butterscotch Schnapps. It was basically a dessert and it was heavenly. 
We ended up ending the night a bit early because I was personally exhausted from the night before and I could have slept forever in the morning. My room was actually empty last night, which was nice for a 6 bed dorm all to myself. Yet I was still stuck on the top bunk. I had to check out of Abbey Court hostel by 10:30 so I headed down to breakfast a little after 9, gathered my things and headed out. 
I got to Barnacles Temple Bar House, which is smack dab in the middle of Temple Bar basically, at 10:30 and check-in isn’t until 3. I asked the guy who was checking me in if I could possibly get in earlier, and with how unshowered and tired I probably looked, he obliged and noticed that my room was empty last night so I could get into it immediately. Thank. God. 
I requested the bottom bunk, noting that it’s cruel to make a person of my size climb up so high when tall people can practically just hang their feet over the edge and touch the ground. So I got the bottom bunk and headed up to my room. This was the first hostel out of the other three I have stayed in where the locker actually worked as it was supposed to. I showered and got myself looking presentable before heading out. 
As I write all of this, I am sitting in Queen of Tarts in Dublin, drinking a flat white, which I found out was basically a cappuccino without foam, and eating the most insane Lemon Meringue Tart I have ever encountered in my life. The Meringue itself had to be 4 inches high. I wasn’t even hungry getting here, but once I saw it, I knew… I needed it. So this is my lunch. And tonight I am going to see some live Irish dancing which I am beyond excited for. 

That night I wandered around Temple Bar with a guy I had met two nights before. We grabbed a drink before we headed over to the venue where there would be some dancing and live Irish music. We sat and watched the show while munching on sweet potato fries and the dancing was just enough to not get bored of it but to be excited when they came back on stage. I took Irish step for a couple of years as a child and have seen Riverdance before, so the quickness of their feet is always mesmerizing. 
We stumbled over to Bad Bob’s again and I knew that I wanted a shot of what I had last night. I didn’t know it’s “name” but I remembered what was in it – so I googled it. It turned out, the 1/2 shot of butterscotch schnapps and 1/2 shot of Bailey’s was called a “cocksucking cowboy.” I even have the receipt to prove it. So I went up to the bar and said, “Um, I need a Heineken, a half pint of Guinness and um… I don’t want to say it but it’s a 1/2 shot of butterscotch schnapps -”
The bartender cut me off and said, “Nope! You have to say it. So what was that, a Heineken, half pint, and a….?”
I made a face at him and quickly said the name of the drink.
“Oops, sorry, missed that, what was it again?”
And he made me say it again. Jackass. The lady next to me at the bar looked at me like I was standing at the bar butt naked with 6 heads. Judgement and shock. Sorry, blame the bartender for that one. 
I ended up gettting exhausted by 12, so I was home shortly there after. 

My was not really sure what to do my last day in Dublin, so I took a look in my guide book “City Hopping on a Budget” for ideas. I texted my friend Roberta, from Italy, who I met in Cork, to see what she was up to for the day. I suggested we go to the National Art Gallery and we made our way over there. We saw paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso, but she was far more knowledgeable of art than myself. I had not really taken any art classes or studied anything of the sort. Then we walked over to the National Museum of Archaeology and saw some really old pottery, old artifacts from Ireland like clothing, boats, axes, even a skull, along with an Ancient Egypt exhibit, and a lot more that I really can’t remember – but the building itself was beautiful.
After a few hours of exploring and walking, we ate some gelato – I had a “Bueno” flavored gelato that was the taste of a Bueno bar. If you haven’t had that, it’s by the same brand that makes Nutella and it’s basically a hazelnut and creamy goodness crunchy chocolate bar. For anyone who knows me, you know that I am basically addicted to Nutella. I can’t be in the same room as a jar without getting a spoon and eating the entire thing. It’s disgustingly attractive, I bet. Even when I struggled with my weight and didn’t eat much, I would still go through jars and jars of Nutella – so I’m pretty sure that it saved my life a few years ago. Hahaha. 
Ok, enough about Nutella. Once I got back to my hostel and charged my phone up for a bit, I met back up with Roberta for dinner. I wanted a real, “Irish” dinner before I left Ireland. We met at The Old Storehouse right when the live music was starting, so we had a drink and enjoyed ourselves before we ordered our food. I had a pint of Guinness and an Irish Cottage Pie and it was really, really good. I’ve had Shepherd’s Pie back in the states lots of times, but I don’t think anything really compares to it here. After we finished and I was 10 lbs heavier, I, you know, wanted a donut. So we walked across the road to the river walk and actually stumbled across our friend Hannah. She was sitting with a girl who we had not met yet and they didn’t see us coming because they were in front of a wall while we were behind it. I looked at Roberta and said, “Should I be creepy? Touch her head or something?” So naturally, I reached over the wall and put my hand on her head like the creepiest person to exist in the world. She stood up and tried to shake me off thinking I was a bird before realizing it was just me. I laughed so hard I snorted. But that’s not anything new. 
We made our way over to The Rolling Donut and I got a Nutella filled donut with chocolate frosting and hazelnut on top. I told you – I love Nutella. Someone stop me. I went back to my hostel and put on a skirt that was a little too tight for the gut I had created at dinner. I joked that I hope the guys out tonight liked a nice beer gut but I was serious. I ended up getting a drink with one of the girls who had just gotten to my hostel, Ash, from Australia! Another Australian. There are so many traveling around. There’s nothing better than getting a person’s back story – in the states when people strike up conversation I never really cared to listen. But traveling around like this, I want to know everything. Everyone has a different story, travels for different reasons, and has so much knowledge on different things. We grabbed a drink and then made our way to meet up with Hannah, Roberta, and Hannah’s friend Paula. We went to Workman’s Club, got shots of Baby Guinness (Kahlua and Bailey’s), but the club was a lot more dead than it was on Saturday night. As time went on, it livened up a little bit and we danced and danced to the music before heading back to the hostel.
Now, I am at the airport, as I have been for hours, and I still am stuck here for another few. Unfortunately I had to check out of my hostel pretty early, so I figured I would just sit here and wait rather than lug my backpack around Dublin. Either way, I’m always paranoid about getting to the airport and all of my flights, so I would rather be here than somewhere else. 
I am definitely ready to be in Portugal. Ireland was a truly beautiful place but nothing will top Killarney. I’m looking forward to cheaper beer and cheaper everything, and I am so ready for the warmth. I land pretty late tonight but I have the whole day ahead of me tomorrow and a lot of food to try! I only get one full day in Porto before I am off to Lisbon. 


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This blog is a way I can talk about my upcoming travel adventures and will be the blog I use once I am finally abroad in a few months. I have a lot to get done and even more to look forward to.

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