A bit of rambling

I can’t wait to be somewhere else surrounded by people that I don’t know. I want to come to life again and feel something outside of the routine that I’m stuck in. I love to learn but I miss feeling. I love where I live but I want to fall in love with a new landscape each day for a while. I miss emotion and being kissed by the sun and really feeling its warmth on my skin. I want to feel frustrated and maybe even a little scared by different ways of life and unknown street signs. I want to feel drunken joy and heart pounding excitement. I want to be in a place where I don’t know anything.

With emotion comes words. I want my mind and heart back from the glue of school and work and school and work. I want to feel again.


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This blog is a way I can talk about my upcoming travel adventures and will be the blog I use once I am finally abroad in a few months. I have a lot to get done and even more to look forward to.

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